How Have Schools Prepared For Re-Opening?

Millions of schoolchildren and parents have eagerly awaited a return to school. Online schooling has presented many challenges that can be resolved only by a return to in-person schooling. Students from low income households have seemingly fallen further behind especially in rural countries, and parents have found it increasingly difficult to work from home and educate their children.

As some local authorities have allowed schools to reopen, here are some of the measures school administrators may have taken to prepare:

Make And Stick With A Plan

The best way to prevent new local outbreaks is to implement strict Covid-19 measures. School administrators will have updated guidelines in their plans to reopen and maintain a safe learning environment. School administrators must work closely with local health officials, public authorities, and parents to keep children safe and educationally productive in the classroom.

Create A Special Team

There is likely a special team that supervises and implements COVID-19 guidelines in schools. This dedicated team will be working full time to continuously observe students, educators, and other individuals within the school grounds to ensure Covid safe measures are followed.

Integrate More Technology

Due to space limitations with social distancing in place, it may not be feasible for all students to return to classrooms in previous group sizes. Schools may have considered providing students with tablets and laptops to allow them study from home on an occasional basis, so that they can still attend and partake in important classes.

Implement Standard Safety Measures

it is important that schools have taken the necessary precautions and made changes to their classrooms and communal areas. Layouts of classrooms, cafeterias, and hallways will be modified to maintain physical distancing. There should be a clear masking policy for teachers, students, and staff as well as a regular and easy process for everyone in the school to wash or sanitise their hands. Temperature checks and Covid testing may be necessary for anyone who enters the school grounds.

Regular Testing For Teachers And Staff

Teachers and staff may need to be tested each week to prevent possible transmission of the virus. If coronavirus tests are affordable in the area, parents should consider doing monthly tests for the whole family. It has been proven that children can easily contract and spread coronavirus. Regular testing is key in protecting all members of the school and local community. By maintaining a benchmark level of testing and safety measurements, it is hoped that this will be enough to prevent local outbreaks and future temporary school closures.

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