How To Balance Working From Home With Home Life

With thousands of schools closed across the UK and millions of students effectively becoming home-schoolers, it can be an incredibly challenging situation for teachers. Teachers are taking on a heavy workload working from home, whilst still caring for their family. At the same time, many teachers must make sure that their own children, who are being home-schooled, continue to perform well in their online learning sessions. Fortunately, there are some things that can be done to achieve a balance in their work from home activities and their home life.

Balancing Working From Home, With Home Life

Be Flexible

In some cases, it is possible for teachers to organise their professional tasks around the needs of their family. While they aim to keep their teaching career high up on their priority list, they can also aim to share much of their home responsibilities with their spouse or partner whenever possible. This is especially important if they have children to help lighten the load.

Manage Distractions

Teaching from home can be very distracting for teachers, particularly those who have children of their own. Chances are, their children are learning from home as well and this means that they will need parental support throughout the day. It is a good idea to set up a special area where teachers can work privately, and where their children can study. Remove any digital distraction from the area and make sure it’s insulated from external noise. It could be a special room inside the house where family members are immune to sources of distractions. Remind everyone in the home that they need to remain outside of the work area based on the work and learning schedules.

Be Attentive And Be Present

By working and having children learning in the same area, teachers can still be attentive and focus on both their students and children. It will be a lot of work, but by asking parents to share in the duty of assisting their children with schoolwork, it can help ensure there is always an attentive and present adult available for the children who are learning.


Achieving a balance may not be possible if teachers fail to communicate effectively with their students, co-workers, and family. Teachers should encourage their children to be independent in solving their problems, while still providing them with the support they need. It is important to communicate what efforts teachers expect from students and the support that is needed from co-workers and family members, to ensure everyone receives the assistance they need.

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