Covid Testing

We are seeking 100s of Covid testers to work in schools and colleges all across the UK. To register your interest please complete the form below and we will guide you through the process.

    Please note, if you are new to Tempest you are also required to supply the standard safeguarding documents such as a DBS, however our team will guide you through through this.

    Already Registered?

    For those that are thinking about registering, this guide also contains information about the roles.

    When prompted enter the token: 3wkcVi4UTX.
    Training time is between 0.5hrs and 2.5 hrs depending on the role.

    Get Your Training

    Get Your Training

    If you’re interested in becoming as Covid Tester you will need to complete the NHS COVID-19 National Testing Programme. The training is FREE and can be completed online from you home. It is quick and training can take around 35min – 2hrs 30min depending on the role you want to go for.

    There is more information about the different roles and what’s involved in the NHS Test and Trace handbook which can be found here.

    Begin Your Training

    Click here to launch the training in a new tab. Once prompted enter the token: 3wkcVi4UTX

    Please also register now so we can begin processing your registration with us, or if you have any questions.

    About the Roles

    Team Leader/Quality Lead

    Responsible for the overall on-site operations at the test site, including day-to-day workforce management.

    • Running day-to-day operations including on-site workforce management, managing site health & safety and receiving and
      managing stock
    • Setting up other team members on the NHS Test and Trace digital service
    • Point of escalation for any issues on site, and escalates to local public health officials as appropriate
    • Ensure adherence to defined testing processes throughout operations, and use of correct tests on test site (eg LFD and not PCR)
    • Responsible for safety and security of the site
    • If subjects raise any data privacy concerns, directs subjects to the Data Privacy Notice which explains how we will use their data.
    • Ensure quality assurance, incidents, risks mitigation across the testing service
    • Implement appropriate quality assurance as defined by the programme
    • Implement the incident and risk reporting system that is used within the mass testing programme
    • Undertake testing staff competency and performance reviews
    • Retain a weekly summary of your records and any lessons learned to report to DfE/DHSC

    Test Assistant

    Provides guidance to subjects on swabbing as requested, and ensures cleaning of booths or sample collection station.

    • Directs subject to available testing stations and directs them to the exit when they are finished
    • On hand to provide subject with additional verbal instructions if required
    • Provides regular cleaning to testing stations throughout day (subjects are also ask to self-clean between each test)
    • For schools/colleges that require administered swabbing (e.g. SEND schools)


    Sets up sample for analysis, and pipettes reagent to sample.

    • Times the sample analysis
    • Await and read result displayed, and mark it on device
    • Provides to Results Recorder to upload to digital platform

    To find out more about these roles and to register your interest click here.